Sony ps4: Nothing like it

If you are a game lover, then you would know the value of any new launch in the gaming market. Days before the final launch of a gaming console, the adrenalin sets high and the excitement rises up manifold. The only topic that you and your friends would discus for weeks would be what the new console would be like and which all new features would be introduced. Many crazy gaming fans even start collecting code psn gratuit to be able to buy the newest gaming console in the market.

The launch of Sony Ps4 experienced the same buzz during its launch. With all game lovers eagerly waiting to lay their eyes on the newly launched product, Sony Ps4 stole everybody’s heart with its great set of features and killer looks. While there are few changes in this addition, but the inbuilt changes make it a must buy.

If you are pondering if it is worth the splurge or not, then here are few advanced features to make your decision making easier:

  • Modified handheld clubbed with a dualshock 4: The newest console offers a better handheld with the addition of the dualshock 4. Due to this the shaking capacity of the handheld has become better, the inbuilt trigger buttons work great, and the other buttons are also way softer than earlier.

  • Better looking console: The console has a matte outer look and displays a tougher shine. Made of lightweight plastic, the combination of the matte with the shine renders a stylish and clean look to the gadget. The look protects the console from dust and dirt.

  • Compatible hardcore processor: Unlike other brands, Sony lays utmost emphasis on delivering as much ease to its users. Keeping that in mind, the Sony Ps4 does not imply restrictions on its usage, which plays havoc in the usage by the gamers. Run under the AMD Jaguar processor from Sony, Ps4 is the latest from the brand. Being functional and accessible with any other game, Sony Ps4 offers the much needed relief to the gamers from the restrictions imposed on them while using other games.

A great combination of great looks and advanced features, Sony Ps4 is surely worth every penny that you spend on buying it. Keeping up with the latest trend in the market, the console offers ease, power and technology in the hands of game lovers. Equally liked by long time and new gaming groups, Sony has thoughtfully considered a lot many aspects before launching this console to deliver the best they can with their newest invention. A better shape, a better look clubbed with better features and better technology is what makes Sony Ps4 worth the upgrade.